Wednesday, 6 January 2010


Happy New Year!!

We're beginning the year with a fresh start. An experience of teaching one another how to bind a book, zine making, crochet, jewerely designing. Sharing mums vegetable and bean pie or your favorite rocky road recipe. We are taking the notes from the suggestion board that you guys did for us to look up events for the future...some, which were amusing.


So, if you were with us on the 3/12/09, Madeline explained the procedure of signing up and why. Which we received a massive respond to signing up!! Lets make it official.

There are over 205,000 members in the Womens Institute. With signing up to Brighton University Womens Institute you will achieve alot within year. Events, road trips, talks from professionals, cooking classes, charity fund raisers, film clubs. etc! And if you sign up you will get to take over your own WI night! (or day) with help with our funding.

Its a cost of £29.50, all the funding goes towards most future events, refreshments and some materials!! (i say most because just in case we decide to go to the Caribbean etc haha) We also pay, the more money the better future events!

Here is some information from the website about what you will recieve

You will also receive a MONTHLY magazine from 'The WI Life'.

We want to push what we can do. Book kitchens, bars, screen printing rooms whatever you want!

Please email us at if you have any questions or to pay for a loverly years membership.

Here are the PACKS! (all sold out now)

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